Hurry up and slow down

River (my oldest) is never in a hurry. It drives me INSANE. Often times I’m dragging her across a parking lot to get somewhere on time as she resists trying to pick up every rock, smell every flower and avoid stepping on any cracks (it will break my back, after all). Being punctual reflects being respectful of other people’s time and while I’m not always on time, I do stress about being respectful of others and the time they put aside to spend with us.

Recently, I heard River play a game with her dolls “hurry up we are late! No treats for you! No! Don’t smell that flower!!” Heart. Broken.

How do we get places on time AND make time to pick up all the rocks, smell all the flowers, not step on any cracks and have thoughtful debates on which shoes/ bows work with each outfit? Plus, she’s got to do everything herself so that takes a good 15 extra minutes of dressing and redressing. So… not often, but every once in a while we leave 45 minutes early. And hope a coffee shop is near by.

I’m so guilty of being a “busy” person, but our best days have no plans at all. “Busy” a lot times means making money (or saving it), which can fund those carefree days. But, money doesn’t buy back moments we could have made a solid rock collection or weed bouquet. And when you ask River what her favorite part of each day was, it’s never being scolded for not getting dressed or in the car fast enough. Or for getting to the doctor on time. It’s typically “I loved it when you got on the floor and played with me.” Alright, sister. Let’s play.

What do you do to balance it all?

These beautiful pictures were taken at Still Family Farm by the magic worker Kattie Jackson Photography.


2 thoughts on “Hurry up and slow down

  1. If it is any comfort, I felt the same way with you. And, you turned out pretty amazing! A mother must balance and re-balance….Prioritize and re-prioritize…all the while praying for God’s wisdom and grace.


  2. Let her smell one flower, and pick up one rock. Pick out the outfit the night before. You won’t get these moments back… You are an amazing mom, wife, person!!! love, love, love you


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