“Hurt people, hurt people” it’s ok to “bless and release”

I’m in a season of life where I just don’t care. Not true. I do care passionately about somethings and pleasing important people in my life, but if I’m not your cup of tea I’m plenty of people’s glass of wine or mug of coffee so, bye.

At my age and in this pattern of moving from job to job we’ve accumulated some INCREDIBLE humans as part of our tribe (if you’re reading this you are probably one of them) so if Sally Somebody doesn’t like me for one valid reason or another, it’s fine. Truly. I’ve got people I love fiercely and there are not enough hours in the day to appropriately love on them as it is so “bless and release” <- my favorite “ism”.

Took a long time for me to feel this way and there was a time where this wasn’t true at all. I know some of you from my previous lives read the above and called “BS” on my statements and probably rolled your eyes a dangerous amount, and rightfully so! I’ve evolved. I’m a mother. A wife. A good friend. If we don’t mesh, cool. There’s a seat for every butt and you don’t have to sit with me for me to know my worth.

Now to the other set of humans. The mean ones. “Hurt people, hurt people” is something that keeps coming up with my squad. I am not exempt! Or without fault. When I feel that mean person trying to pop out from deep inside (we all have her, don’t lie) I try to check myself. What does it say about me when I respond that way? What am I so hurt about? What insecurities in me are making me respond that way? Same with other people. When someone says something hurtful to me or about me, most of the time I can step back and remind myself “hurt people, hurt people.” What they are saying says mountains more about them than it does about me. Also, if someone is saying something untrue about me, I hope to God I’m living in a way that people wouldn’t believe them. We don’t have to be friends. I don’t have to forgive you. YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIKE ME. I love the woman I’ve become, and if you don’t I’m sure you have your reasons and I’m sure you have your tribe of awesome humans. If you don’t, reflect on yourself. Your vibe attracts your tribe. The common denominator of your problems is YOU. Fix it. Bless and release.

For those I’ve hurt in the past, it was a reflection of my own insecurities and issues and for that I am deeply sorry. It wasn’t you. Clearly, it was me.

Cheers ❤️

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