Back To School Finds!

My kids aren’t in school. 1 – not old enough 2 – pre K is only offered when Justin is home so if I shipped my kids off he would only see them on his weekends. Regardless, I love back to school shopping even if it isn’t technically back to school for us!

If you’re watching the ‘gram I teamed up to giveaway an Amazon gift card with my friend Samm of @momtimeonadime and she did a BOMB shopping for school supplies comparing prices.

I checked in with TJ Maxx to see what they had for the girls clothing wise. Here’s that journey:

They love to match. I’m sure River will be ticked I didn’t find this trench in Ramsey’s size. You win some, you lose most.

Of course you know I looked at Amazon too. Here’s what made THIS LIST:

All of these are on my Amazon “Kids Clothes” list and way too easy to purchase with a swipe via prime.

Cheers! Happy shopping!

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