Monica Styles Collaboration and Giveaway

To say this day was a dream is an understatement! You know when your friends are doing BOMB things and you’re just so happy to observe their journey? My good friend Monica Kirkland has the Midas touch. She’s an incredible photographer (I mean LOOK!), Pure Barre instructor, plant based cook, and JEWLERY MAKER! In the process of cheering her on from the Instagram sidelines, we decided to team up and do a giveaway for one of our awesome followers!

Don’t worry, everyone is a winner because she also sells her fabulous jewelry here. You might recognize an ol’ gal pretending to be a jewelry model on her site.

The thing I adore about these pieces: they’re lightweight and completely original.

Plus, my jaw is on the floor with these photos. We had an incredible time looking for great backdrops, real and fake laughing, and Monica kindly bossing me around to be able to pull off some cool shots! She seriously made it so easy. And she’s a photographer in the Atlanta area who is willing to travel. If you’re interested in taking pictures with a really cool person who can get you to take great pictures effortlessly, look her up.

Monica Styles and Wine At Bedtime Giveaway! Enter to win a free pair of earrings on Instagram.

What are you still doing here??? Head over to our Instagram accounts: @MonicaStyles11 and @Wineatbedtime and enter before 8PM EST on 10/10/2019 to WIN!!!


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