BBL/ MOXI Treatment at Ageless Remedies Roswell

(This blog post was written as part of a paid partnership with Ageless Remedies Roswell)

Anyone else constantly covering up skin damage from your tanning bed/ no sunscreen days?


I am most self-conscious about my skin spots that continue to multiply. As a busy mom, my favorite makeup look these days is tinted moisturizer, mascara and GO! For a few years I’ve been looking into laser options, and luckily Ageless Remedies Roswell just got the mack daddy of lasers and they’re running a great deal right now. Enter the BBL / MOXI!!


A few weeks ago, I went in for a consultation at Ageless Remedies of Roswell. They’re my go to MedSpa. Not only are they so kind, they’re family-owned and always have new treatments and techniques to make me look and feel my best.

All consultations are free and no- obligation for any service. Over a year ago I did the CoolSculpting a little over a year ago and LOVED my experience and results.

Kelsi did my CoolSculpting and now the BBL / MOXI treatment. What is this magical device??? In short, it combines two treatments for better results in your overall skin texture, shrinks pores, reduces redness and pigmentation. All of this with no nasty face downtime. Y’all, my skin is glowing!!!  Here are the bullet points:

BBL (BroadBand Light): 

  • World’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device on the market
  • Corrects age spots, pigmentation, rosacea
  • Uses photothermal energy to gently heat the upper layers of skin, stimulating the regeneration of cells and taking years off the face, neck, hands or almost any other part of the body 


  • Safe for use on every skin type, all year-round
  • A gentle, low-to-no downtime, lunchtime procedure
  • Uneven pigmentation, tone and texture, light sun damage and skin aging
  • “Prejuvenation” – stave off the visible signs of aging before they appear
  • Long-term maintenance – extend the results of more aggressive laser & light procedures and maintain the appearance of healthy skin over the long term
  • Fast treatment: Average treatment time of 12-15 minutes for a full face
  • Effective on all body areas: Face, neck, chest, arms, and hands

Seeing Kelsi is always just a joy! She is so knowledgeable and kind. In my consultation, we identified sun damage and a few broken capillaries. We decided to do the BBL / MOXI on my face neck and chest. A week later, I came in for my appointment and wore something loose and comfortable.

MOXI with a personal AC tube for comfort

After the “before” pictures were taken, I went in for the BBL first. The BBL feels a lot like any other laser treatment I’ve had. Like little rubber bands popping. Not too bad! The passes near my eyes kind of made me twitch, but the discomfort is worth the results!

When the BBL was over, Kelsi numbed me up and let me sit in the room (why is being alone so heavenly?). MOXI time! The numbing was great to help with comfort. It did get warm pretty fast. When we were done it felt like a sunburn in the treated areas. Standing in front of the fan did make me much more comfortable. I blasted the AC in my car on the way home and looked like Beyonce on my drive home. The burn feeling went away within 30 minutes. It did rev back up when I got my heartrate back up in bootcamp the next day!

How my skin looked the next day – discoloration coming to the surface.
Top is before, bottom is after

RESULTS! Still at Ageless Remedies of Roswell, you could see some of the sun damage coming up to the surface. I expected to peel big time, based on past laser treatments and it wasn’t like that at all. My skin felt a little like sandpaper in the next couple of days and slowly that skin made its way off (somehow without clumping) and revealed baby soft skin beneath! I’m seriously glowing in my bare skin and it makes me giddy!

Zero filter with just tinted moisturizer!

This month, get a free neck or chest treatment with your BBL or MOXI facial treatment ($200 value for one or $525 for 3!). Book your consultation with Kelsi ASAP to have glowing skin for the holidays!

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