Cheers to us!

*This post is sponsored by Huhtamaki, Inc. makers of the Chinet® brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

In the past year (and then some), it’s been difficult to gather safely with loved ones. On our most recent visit to Texas to see my parents, my “MawMaw” traveled up from Houston (on a plane for the first time since January 2019!) and I got to see my best friend Jessica and her kiddos after at least 2 years of not seeing each other in person!

With all this gathering happening at once, of course we had a good ‘ol Texas BBQ to celebrate!

The Chinet® brand sponsored our little get together, gifting us their incredible Chinet® Classic White™ plates, and Chinet® Cut Crystal® cups and cutlery! We use a ton of disposable plates at “Club Wilfon” and the Chinet® brand has always been my go-to because of the durability and reliability. No wilting or leaking plates at our table. The kids are messy enough without worrying about plates not doing their job.

Check out all their products here.

Here’s how we gathered safely – all of the adults in our group are vaccinated, and we kept all of our activities outside for added security.

Here’s how we gathered safely – all of the adults in our group are vaccinated, and we kept all of our activities outside for added security.

On the menu:

  • Grilled chicken
  • Grilled bell peppers
  • Oven roasted potatoes
  • Dill pickle salad
  • Humus and bell peppers
  • Watermelon
  • Dessert: Fruit trifle with angel food and homemade whipped cream

We were able to use the Chinet® Cut Crystal® glasses for rose, of course, and as a beautiful way to showcase the trifle for kid portions!

I even used a Cut Crystal® cup for the hummus and a Chinet® Classic White™ plate for a cut veggie spread.

I’m a details gal, and that swirly design on Chinet® Cut Crystal® is so eye-catching, River kept calling them our “fancy cups”. She’s not wrong.

The biggest hassle when gathering is always the cleanup. When using Chinet® brand products, cleanup could not be more simple. Just toss it and keep socializing! And, because the Chinet® Classic White™ plates are so strong, my dad was able to use the large plate to take things off the grill as they were cooked.

Now that we are able to socialize safely, and more and more restrictions are lifted on gathering with the people we love, you better bet we will be busting out more of the beautiful Chinet® brand products and celebrating coming together again!

What’s your favorite Chinet® brand product? Go to BBQ dish?

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