Picasso Tile Collaboration

It’s a good day when I find something to do with the kids and River doesn’t ask “what’s next, Mommy?” and “Can we watch a show?”

Another great day – both girls have fun doing the same thing.

We got a box in the mail from Picasso Tiles and our DAY WAS MADE! If you need something interactive for the kid’s Christmas list/ birthday list/ bored Wednesday list, this is it!

This is the set we got, but I’m telling you now we will be getting many many more. Also, neither one of my kids would actually let me close enough to put together the intended designs, so there’s that. One negative. My kids won’t let me play.

River got a little territorial, but both girls continue to have a blast playing with these “magic blocks”! If you get a set, let me know what you think!


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