The Kids Are Out of School… Now What?

Disclaimer – my kids aren’t in school. And they are home ALL. THE. TIME. So I ask myself “now what?” so often that now River asks “What’s next?” ALL. THE. TIME.

I’ve organized my online shopping problem and merged it with with your “what do I do with my kids” problem and made a solution. Insert AMAZON.

This is my shop:

It’s full of lists of things I’ve bought and I actually like. Busy Kid Activities is where it’s at right now. Everything on there I’ve bought and used to keep my own kids OUT OF MY HAIR and they might work for your kiddos too.

Of course we have a Unicorn Sprinkler. Living our best basic lives over here at Club Wilfon. A River Review:

We are also loving this splashpad. Do you see a trend here? It’s not called “HOTlanta” for nothing. We even put it in the middle of a blow up pool to keep the water in. River did a review (of course). Our sweet friends Kate and Jack make a guest appearance in this one.

Then there’s the pool

And the water table. Sometimes the water table in the pool.

On “The List” there’s bubbles, crafts, paints, puzzles, ALL THE THINGS we use to stay sane around here. Or we just make cookies.

Enjoy! Cheers!

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