I Hate Road Trips. But This One Wasn’t {Too} Bad.

All those who like road trips raise your hand. {hand not raised}.


Hey, watch the shouty caps. And name calling. Don’t get me wrong, I like trips most of the time, but spending too much time in a car is not my thing. To the point Justin added it to my vows “I will not complain too much on road trips.” {insert eye rolling emoji}. But I’m also not a fan of buying 3 (4 in the not so distant future) plane tickets. Balance.


Justin loves traveling. Anywhere. He’s the ying to my yang on this. Without his (sometimes) gentle pushing I would sit at home making mental lists about where I would like to go one day with nothing checked off. I didn’t even like road trips pre kids, now having 2 with nap schedules, bathroom agendas, and food demands… we go on even more than we used to.”But Laura, your drive to the station can be up to an hour and a half!” Maybe you’re not saying this to your screen, but I’ll respond anyway because it’s a nice transition. To be honest, I kind of love the drive into Atlanta to work…

1. I don’t do it often

2. No children are with me

It’s glorious. I can listen to all of the murderous true crime podcasts I want without the curious interruption of “How did they die?” The days of bloody anonymity are over with my 3.5 year old. Back on track.

Justin – “How about a waterfall?”

Me – “Um. Sure. Where?”

Justin – “It’s only an hour fifty away”

Me – “an hour 15 or 50?”

Justin – “50”

Me – “Or we could go to Kennesaw Mountain (15 minutes away) and a splash pad if you want a hike with hydration.”

I sound like a blast, don’t I? Our sense of adventure beat out my stubborn desire of “let’s not drive anywhere” and after 2.5 hours (not an hour fifty) of screaming, snacks and bathroom breaks we made it.


And it was beautiful.


We paid $4 ($2 per adult), strolled on gravel, changed a diaper, saw a big snake, climbed rocks and took a lot of cute pictures. And some not so cute pictures.



The waterfall is at Toccoa Falls University in Toccoa. They have a charming downtown where I scored a pink depression glass (my favorite!!) dish and some darling earrings for less than $8.


The falls are halfway to Asheville (one of our favorite East Coast stops) and if you’re in comfortable driving distance, I would recommend the adventure!

The girls’ bows are by Elliot and Autumn and are WATERPROOF!! Adorable, and functional. And mentioned in this previous post.


My shoes are from AMAZON and are about $25. Find them here. I also got them in black but sized up a half in the black.

Shirt is Nordstrom on sale for $20 and comes in a number of colors. I don’t get any kickback for that link, I just like for you to get a good deal where you can (you’re welcome). Shorts are basically vintage (2007) from Old Navy. Target basically has the same pair here and they are on sale for $12!!!! Once again, no kickback, I just like you that much.


Cheesy thought: take that roadtrip. Go on that adventure. Say “yes” to the next thing you don’t really want to do. Beats sitting around organizing the house and doing yard work on a weekend (which I also love doing btw, Justin).


2 thoughts on “I Hate Road Trips. But This One Wasn’t {Too} Bad.

  1. I relate to this post on another level! Also, fun fact: my older sister went to Toccoa Falls University, and lucky me, we got to take the 13 hour road trip from Dallas there just 2 weeks after I dislocated my knee auditioning for Damn Yankees. Best. Road. Trip. Ever. 😐


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