Pistachio cherry power bites

This post is sponsored by Ancient Nutrition but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.”

One of my favorite things to have around the house is power bites. You’ve seen me talk about them before – something easy and nutritious to keep me going and fed as I chase these crazy kids and keep up with the rest of life. It’s an added bonus when the girls love my creation too. 

Today’s mix – pistachio cherry! Added an extra pop of protein with a new favorite: Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein. It comes in multiple flavors, including: Vanilla, Chocolate and Pure. No, not all savory. Just the benefits of the savory superfood in delicious and slightly sweet powders. Vanilla is the star of this recipe. 

You will need:

2 scoops Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Vanilla

1.5 cups raw almonds

1.5 cups pistachio nuts, divided in half

1.5 cups tart dried cherries 

15 medjool dates, pitted

Splash of water

Sprinkle of salt

1 cup Mini chocolate chips, if you fancy


I like to chop my nuts in a food processor first. Pistachios first so you can save half. Next, almonds then start adding in the dates, dried cherries and the rest of your ingredients. 

I like to use a gelato scoop to scrape mine out and ball up evenly. Then roll them in your reserved pistachio crumbles. 

This mixture is a perfect salty with sweet and a little tart. I swear it smells and tastes a bit like brownie batter… yet there’s not a lick of chocolate in any of this recipe! 

My girls LOVE these creations and helping me put them together, but you should always consult your pediatrician before introducing new supplements to your children’s diet. 

We’ve been using our Ancient Nutrition protein powders in smoothies and our coffee as well. Before this product, I was buying and using protein powder and collagen powder daily. Now, I’ve merged these two. 

I love that the protein is paleo friendly, high protein, low in carbs, gluten free, and made without dairy, soy, grains or nuts. Plus, they’re delicious. I can’t wait to add the pure to some soups this fall. I’ll be sure to share recipes when I do. Every trainer I talk to tells me that practically everyone needs more protein, and this is such an easy way to incorporate it into things you’re already eating. 

All 3 flavors are on Amazon – add them to your cart here: Vanilla, Chocolate, Pure

Let me know which ones you try and any recipes you come up with! 


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