Already Baked Sprinkle Explosion Cake Decorating Kit!

When people call me a “baker” with my cookie biz I say “Nope. I’m a decorator.” In a world where time and money didn’t matter, I would have someone bake my cookies and mix my icing and I would just sit down with my edible glitters and “boo boo stick” and have fun. I’m too hands on and don’t make enough money on this for any of that to happen, but it’s a thought!

Already Baked found me on the ‘gram and asked if I wanted to work together. They would send me one of their cake decorating kits and in exchange, I would post a picture. Yes. Please. (You can score a discount code below, keep going.)

Dream come true.

This one is the “Sprinkle Explosion Decorating Kit”. The cakes come ready to go with detailed instructions and links to videos of how to do the icing. Easy, right? I will say, you need some kind of decorating skill to have it come out like the picture, but zero skills to have fun with this project. I did most of the work during quiet time. Because my kids are certified maniacs.

Holding back our youngest monster.

My sweet and darling friend Kattie Jackson is a professional photographer. She came over with her mask and camera and stood 6+ feet away from us to get these incredible pictures and I couldn’t be more grateful. She captured us and our chaos perfectly. Check out her website:


There was a ton of sprinkle eating in this process.

I loved 5 million pictures so I figured a blog post would be a better use of all of these beautiful photos instead of just an Instagram post! You can score 15% off with code “WINEATBEDTIME15” on their website

The video process!

Cheers! Enjoy!

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