My FIRST Collaboration!! #MAXX50Challenge


To say I was thrilled is an understatement. Have you seen the #MAXX50Challenge? Maxxinistas go into T.J. Maxx armed with $50 and a smart phone and see how close they can get the grand total to $50 with a collage of pictures, videos, boomerangs and superzooms turned into stories (Mom: these are mostly Instagram terms).

I watched a couple of these go down, wishing I was the smart shoppin’ gal on the other side of the iPhone then figured, what the heck. I’ll DM that. (Mom, DM is direct message on Instagram) Clearly it worked out and HERE WE ARE. They responded to my DM, had me email and apply to do the challenge, then they emailed to set up a call! These gals are ORGANIZED (my love language) and even had a PowerPoint sent to me before the call on what we would cover (love). I picked the day, time and location and they set everything up with the store. Took one of my best gal pals (she would like to remain mysterious) and Justin watched ALL OF THE CHILDREN (the real MVP) while we shopped. The organized to the MAXX marketing gals sent me a checklist. Insert heart eyes.

Part of the application process is sending over ideas for your haul. With a million options to choose from they picked activewear. As a mother, family chaos coordinator, fitness instructor and dirty hair enthusiast, athleisure is my jam.

We shopped till we dropped then did some math and checked out. I made it to $50.88. I know. It’s harder than you think to get to exactly $50. Felt like we were on The Price is Right.

It was so fun to be a goof and hang out with my friend. Let’s call her Shirley. She will love that name. “Shirley” was a rockstar accomplice, cheerleader and photographer. I kept calling “Shirley” my creative director. Thanks, Shirley!!!

Yes. I was compensated so this was an #ad (did not quit any of my day jobs on this compensation, but it was generous!) BUT I’m a real T.J. shopper on the reg (like way too regular thank God there isn’t one closer to the house) so this was not a stretch.

Whole video:

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