So I Guess I “Cookie” Now

Announced on the ‘gram that I was taking Father’s Day cookie orders!

Completed 11 orders (2 custom) plus a custom corporate order of patriotic cookies.

Lots of late nights, learning curves, new tricks and I’m happy to say my little accidental startup company IS IN THE BLACK and added some bones to the family pile.

As you may remember, I started making cookies for Ramsey’s first birthday.

By no means am I trying to be a professional baker, but I’m having a BLAST with this artistic outlet and would love to collaborate with you on your next special occasion or market your business with custom cookies. Order form here or email me

As with everything I do now, I’m using it as material for this blog to help you get a head start on your next project! Want to make your own custom cookies? I recommend a month learning curve if you plan to have some for your special event so you can practice and load up. Don’t worry, they freeze well.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite cookie-ing things:

Find the whole thing here:

I’ll get more into the nitty gritty and why I like these things as we go along. Would also love to hear about tips you would like to learn or questions you have!

As always, shout out to the two gals who have helped me tremendously on this journey!!

Shalise Quinlan makes cookies in the DFW, Texas area and she kicked me off with this small obsession and is so real and helpful with tips and tricks and ENCOURAGEMENT along the way. She also sent me a bomb startup kit and answers my calls (I call people. It freaks them out). Check her out – Sweets by Shalise. Her cookies are as delicious as they are beautiful! I use her recipes, so I would know.

Also, Poppy Jam Cookies by Jacqueline Copland. Some of the most unique and beautiful cookies I’ve ever seen! She’s based in Tulsa, OK and does ship her incredible cookies. She’s shared her recipes and SO MANY TRICKS and I could not be more thankful for this beautiful soul. She also answers my calls (see a theme?). I dig that in people.

Happy cookie-ing! Cheers!

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