Rock ’n Play Sleeper Recall

I had to look this up myself and figured I would share the knowledge. This one hits close to home. When River was a baby she LIVED in her Rock ‘n Play for the first month and was put in it to give me free hands from time to time for months after.

When Ramsey was born we started the same routine. It was a bit of a transition moving River from the inclined surface of the Rock ‘n Play to the flat crib, so we knew we didn’t want to rely on the sleeper too much.

A few days after bringing Ramsey home from the hospital, in the middle of the night I get a message from a friend saying a mutual friend’s 8 month old DIED THAT DAY IN A ROCK ‘N PLAY. That precious baby girl was put down for a nap in the “sleeper” and never woke up. Now every month we celebrate Ramsey’s birth I know in a few days this sweet family will count another month without their beautiful child and IT KILLS ME. So yeah. We never touched the thing again. After witnessing from afar a family grieving the loss of a healthy, beautiful child that should be alive today I couldn’t bring myself to use the rocker or give it to someone else so in my closet it’s sat for 13 months.

Anywho. If you have a Rock ‘n Play, here’s how you send the death trap back.

Depending on the year of the model, you’ll either get money or a voucher for another Mattel item.

Submitted mine and am just waiting on the label (they said 10 days) to send that sucker out.

You just keep the joints to send back and toss the rest.

River was very entertained by watching me step on the bottom to pull it apart. In true River fashion she asked a lot of questions.

River: Mommy! Why are you taking that apart?

Me: It was recalled so I have to throw part of it away and send the other part back to get money back.

River: What is a wee-call? Why do you have to throw it away? I DON’T WANT TO THROW IT AWAYYYYYY

Me: A recall happens when companies have to ask for things back for liability reasons. Babies were dying in these things so they have to take them all back to keep babies safe. We are throwing it away.

River: Oh. Okay.

Then she prayed (on her own!) for all the babies who died in “wee-calls”. Ugh.

Clearly, I believe in realist parenting. So my kid will probably tell you her dog Rufus died and he’s never coming back (it’s been a year). We also call everything by the anatomically correct name. So you can also hear her saying “Ramsey came out of mommy’s be-gina”. That’s some fun dinner conversation for you. Love that kid.

Stay safe. Keep those babies safe. Love on everyone. You never know what they’re going through.

Cheers ❤️

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