Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

First of… oh em gee guys. Thank you for all of the love and support! I feel like I’ve gotten a group hug through the internet and I could not feel more at peace about this new adventure. To keep up, please subscribe to the right, follow me on the gram, the twitter, the facebook, whatever your prefered medium. Thank you. Seriously.

Did you forget something? Really important? Yep. Don’t worry. I’ve got some ideas for you.

As a mother of two with many mommy friends, plus a mother of my own, I can be the first to tell you we just want to know you’re thinking of us. This is a year round thing, but it’s especially important on OUR HOLIDAY.

Here are some ideas that will make 9 out of 10 mothers happy:

  • Flowers (duh) even if they are just from the grocery store and rewrapped/ homed into a vase
  • Take her out to eat or make her a meal
  • Wash her car
  • Do the laundry
  • Check something off the “to do list” without asking I.e. organize a closet, re hang that picture that always leans, touch up the paint down that hallway that always gets scuffed
  • Breakfast in bed kit – tray, coffee mug, flower, FOOD
  • Send her flowers
  • Get her a massage
  • Give her a massage
  • Do SOMETHING to make her life easier
  • Book her a hotel room at a place with a spa, hot tub and room service and let her go for a night alone (you may or may not be surprised by how many of my mom friends think this is the best gift on the planet)

How about something homemade from the kiddos? The mothers and grandmothers in my life LOVE (or at least they act like they do) things the girls make. SPOIL ALERT – here’s what they’re getting for Mother’s Day…

Mother’s Day Craft

You will need:

  • 8×10 canvas
  • medium sized letters to spell out mom’s name or desired message
  • heart stickers
  • paint/ paint brush
  • a kiddo to put it together

I didn’t reveal the final product… because I forgot. Or let’s just say it’s so the grandmother’s in our lives are surprised on Mother’s Day. I promised realism, not perfection, y’all.

All of these things are awesome, but if you need one of these and a little something extra, I’ve got an Amazon list JUST FOR YOU – LAST MINUTE MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS – Yes, it’s in shouty caps. Everything is under $50! Except for one thing. It’s $59. (Pearl earrings. The bigger the better on rocks IMO.)

Some of the things I found: Food Dice

WHAT?? How many times have you asked “any ideas for dinner this week?” Roll. The. Dice. YES.

What about a sweet necklace?

It’s Prime so mama will get it in no time. This also works in generational design so you can get one for Grandma too.

What about selfcare? Some adorable bath bombs?

Makeup loving mom need a cute mirror or organizational system?

For the full list, check here. And be sure to send a card! Handmade ones are super special too! Happy shopping!


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